Trainerize is an on-line service that is changing the way we, as fitness professionals, interact with our clients.  It does away with the old fashioned view that all training should be done face to face instead focusing on delivering workouts and communicating with clients more effectively through on-line and mobile platforms.  This means that I can reach out to more clients than my geographical location would otherwise allow, passing on my knowledge and experience through individual programmes tailored to meet clients individual needs.

This is a service that I will be offering to my on-line 1-2-1 clients to begin with.  Further down the line I hope to make this service available to my 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 face to face clients and my training package clients too.

This provides a more affordable option for clients than face to face personal training sessions and could be a good option if you are not near Southwest London and don’t require motivation from someone next to you in order to follow the session plans and push yourself.  It also provides you with even more flexibility with regards to when you train and avoids the problems of PT session time clashes with other clients.

In short then Trainerize facilitates the posting of workouts online enabling me to reach more clients:

It Provides:

  • Client tracking and client management
  • Graph and analyse client progress
  • Worlds largest exercise library
  • iOS and Android app for access anywhere

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