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Nutrition plays a vital part in ensuring we maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle and cannot be overlooked.

In order to make that lifestyle change a balanced diet full of unrefined grains, locally sourced organic dairy products, meat, fresh ocean fish, lots of organic vegetables and fruit must be harnessed with an effective tailored exercise program to ensure the best results.

Within the lifestyle questionnaire download here which Richard Lamb -The Fitness Formula requires all clients to complete there is a question asking if the client would like a nutrition plan provided for them.  If you (the client) states that you would like this service then I will require you to keep a food diary for two weeks.

Once this is submitted I shall devise a nutrition plan based on your individual needs and one which supports your exercise program in the most efficient way.

Please note that this service is provided free of charge if clients have signed up to 10 or 20 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 sessions in advance.  If you are paying on a session by session basis or would just like a nutrition plan only then there is a separate charge for this service.  The plans are provided on a month to month basis.


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