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May be you are the events organiser within your team at work and you are looking for a weekly fitness session to help keep the team’s energy levels up.  Or maybe you and a few friends want to build your fitness levels together and socialise at the same time.  If so then my boot camps will fit the bill.

These one hour sessions will focus on the circuit training concept however there will be some cross over into interval training and, dependant on the abilities of the group as a whole, fartlek and tabata training too.  My sessions will also utilise a variety of different resistance equipment including, free weight dumbells, barbells, kettlebells, TRX, medicine balls and swiss balls.  Creativity is the key to ensuring that everyone gets a good workout from the session and return the following week so there will always be variety with no one session the same.  I will look to split the group up into teams on occasion, where appropriate, to generate a bit of competitive spirit and develop teamwork, a key requirement in the workplace especially.

Please note that for work groups there will be a flat fee that applies to each boot camp.  If you wish to take part in one of my boot camps but on an individual basis then please contact us, complete and submit the form.  We shall be in contact as soon as new boot camp is added to the programme.  Prices will be on a per person basis for individuals and groups of friends see price list.




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