Client of the month

Client of the month

Client of The Month for April 2014

Ben Aisbitt has won client of the month for April due to his high levels of commitment in every training session, constantly pushing himself to the maximum ensuring he gets the best results.  He has improved his strength levels in the last month which is testament to all the hard work, excellent stuff Ben.  Ben’s reward is a 1 Week Free Training Program Design tailored to his requirements.

Client of The Month for March 2014

Congratulations to Rianna Stanwell who has won client of the month award for March. Rianna has set her sights on completing The Hyde Park Sprint Triathlon in June and her training is coming on well. She has been religious in her training schedule with one personal training session a week with me followed by one bike, one run and one swim session as well as a body weight and core session too. She is currently up to 500 metres of front crawl without stopping and has dropped her cycling and running times too.

Client of The Month for February 2014

A Big Hand goes out to Ben Aisbitt for winning client of the month for February. Ben has been an every present at the Monday night Boot Camps and has pushed himself to the limit in every one. He takes on any new exercise with real gusto and seems to be getting fitter and stronger with each passing week. Keep up the great work Ben. Ben’s prize is a Free Workshop class of his choosing. Good work Ben.

Client of The Month for January  2014

A Very Warm Welcome to our first Client of the month award.  This is to honour the client who in our eyes has pushed themselves the hardest and achieved the results to prove this.  A huge round of applause for Rianna Stanwell who has won client of the month for January 2014.  Rianna has improved her Cooper 1.5 Mile test time by over 38 seconds over the month and has smashed her one month target by 28 seconds.  Well done Rianna – keep up the good work.  Her prize is a new yoga mat for her to continue her bodyweight exercises and yoga at home.


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