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Good work…. If you are reading this then you are either a keen exerciser who has plateaued in their training and needs some inspiration to take you to the next level or you have taken the first step towards embarking on a healthier lifestyle.  Either way Richard Lamb can help you achieve these goals and more.

Based in Southwest London Richard  sees the great outdoors as a window of opportunity and so offers many of his training sessions in the green open spaces that London has to offer.  With access to gym space too Richard can cater for most requirements.

There has been a significant growth in weight related health issues in the UK in recent years.  Many of us work in offices sat at a desk for at least 8 hours a day with few periods of movement from this fixed position.  Also, the time pressure that we all face with unrelenting deadlines means that a quick snack to satisfy the hunger is the preferred and easy option.  However, at the end of every day we are all really tired, demotivated and sluggish.  Exercise and a strong balanced diet are the keys to alleviating this common issue however boredom, time, and lack of qualified insight result in many of us continuing the well-trodden path.  Richard  strives to create the long term solution providing bespoke training programmes and dietary advice which are constantly adapted and manipulated to offer a fun and enjoyable experience to fit whatever time frame you may have.

In other words invest in Richard Lamb and you will possess The Fitness Formula FOR LIFE!

Now you’ve tested the water take the plunge and contact Richard to book a free fitness and lifestyle consultation where we can map out a plan for your future.

Half Marathon Run

It’s your first half marathon – Don’t get stuck in the LSD rut!

It’s the common mistake that all novice half marathon runners make when starting their training – only include regular runs of LongSlow Duration (LSD) to ensure there is enough mileage in the legs to run the 13.1 mile (21.1Km) distance.  Whilst it is true that you will need to include some LSD in your training [...]

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